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Boy on shark fishing trip rescued

Victoria Police Air Wing

A seven-year-old boy on a shark fishing trip in Australia was among a crew of three rescued after firing flares.

The crew of three - the boy, his father and cousin - got into trouble after hitting a sandbank late one night in January while fishing for gummy-sharks, south of Melbourne, reports the 9News website.

Nathan Hardinge (right) and son Darcy (left) were on a family fishing trip when their boat hit a sandbar. (9NEWS)The quick-thinking skipper lit a number of flares and made distress calls to alert the authorities. “My young boy’s safety was paramount,” he said.

The seven-gilled shark they had caught earlier was in the back of his mind as the trio waited to be rescued by a police Air Wing.

Acting Sergeant Damon Patralakis, of Victoria Police, says the accident emphasises the “importance of safety gear”.

The image of the Victoria Police Air Wing is taken from Wikipedia and is reproduced under the CreativeCommons licence.

Feb 09, 2017