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Toddler says “thanks” to rescuers who saved mum’s life

Rescue card

A grateful toddler has “made the day” of emergency rescuers who saved the life of her injured mum after seeing a flare.

Three-year-old Brenin Harper made and delivered a thank-you card for Prestwick mountain rescue crew who rescued primary teacher Wendy after she injured her knee and fainted on Cruachan, near Oban, in Scotland.

They said, “We get a lot of 'thank yous' for saving lives but this has to be the best so far.

“Brenin’s mummy was rescued recently from a mountain by our Prestwick helicopter crew and returned safely home to the arms of her son. Thanks Brenin for making our day!”

The keen walker had been trapped on a remote ridge for five hours after suffering a leg injury and was later winched to safety by helicopter.

“These guys saved my life and let my three-year-old get his mummy home,” says Ms Harper, of Kilbirnie, North Ayrshire. “Without them, I would have died on the mountain.”

Ms Harper was scaling Ben Cruachan, near Oban, when she fell, injuring her knee and ankle. Her core body temperature plunged and she began slipping in and out of consciousness.

Fortunately, she was with a friend who raised the alarm and set off a flare to so rescuers could spot and save them.

The image is taken from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency Twitter feed.

Feb 09, 2017