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​ Dramatic rescue in Queensland, Australia

Jaobs Well Marine Rescue

Fishermen spotted orange smoke, when led to a dramatic rescue in Queensland, Australia.

The smoke was initially spotted by people fishing near Swan Bay, according to a Facebook post by Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) Jacobs Well.

The crew of Jacobs Well 1, Noosa Cat 2700 who were nearby arrived on the scene and described conditions as very bad on the bar with breakers right across. They found an upturned boat, but no victims. 

The VMR skipper, John Jacobsen, decided to cross the breakers and a second VMR vessel, Rotary II, stood by near the upturned boat as a reference point for the rescue crew.

The first person rescued was located in the last line of breakers. The skipper manoeuvred the Noosa Cat up to the exhausted victim where he was pulled aboard by crew members Dallas Hersey and Jim Wilkinson. They then located a second person floating about 50metres further towards shore and successfully manoeuvred alongside, dragging him on board.

The pair were assessed by the crew and taken to Jacobs Well VMR base for further medical assessment. Neither required further medical attention

Jacobs Well VMR say, “Another excellent result with two people probably walking around today thanks to the training and experience of our VMR volunteers, the skipper and crew as well as the volunteers on communications at VMR Jacobs Well base. Also, a big thank-you to the builders of exceptional rescue vessel Noosa Cat, again saving lives while keeping our crew safe.”

Mar 17, 2017