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Disabled trawler fires flare to summon help

Irish trawler RNLI

The crew of a broken-down fishing trawler which had lost power off Ireland, fired a flare to summon help.

One evening in late May, Dublin Coastguard received reports that a distress flare had been fired from a fishing trawler near Balbriggan, north of the city.

Skerries RNLI lifeboat was launched with volunteer David Knight at the Helm and crewed by Stephen Crowley, AJ Hughes and JP Tanner.

The lifeboat spotted a fishing trawler with another fishing vessel alongside and went to investigate.

The fishing trawler had suffered a serious electrical problem and lost all power. The crew had lowered an anchor and fired a flare to signal help. The second fishing vessel came to their assistance.

The low tide made it difficult to enter Balbriggan Harbour, so the fishing trawler was towed by the lifeboat and brought to Skerries harbour.

Lifeboat Press Officer for Skerries RNLI, Gerry Canning, says, “It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, things can go wrong at sea. Thankfully they were carrying flares and didn’t hesitate to use them to raise the alarm. We’d also like to say well done to the other vessel that responded immediately to the call for help.”

The image is credit of RNLI/Gerry Canning.

Jul 12, 2017