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Mother praises mountain rescue team

Kendal Mountain Rescue team

A mother has praised a UK mountain rescue team for saving her after she fainted – and who allowed one of her sons to hold a handflare to help a helicopter land.

Trish Holladay was with her two sons at Potters Tarn, in the Lake District, in May 2015, when she felt unwell and lost consciousness.

Her eldest son, Jake took it upon himself to call Kendal Mountain Rescue Team, put her in the recovery position and tried to keep her warm, reports The Westmorland Gazette.

When the team got to her she was hypothermic after suffering an anaphylactic reaction. They wrapped her up in a bivi tent and she was then helicoptered to Royal Lancaster Infirmary where she began to improve.

Ms Holladay says, "Mountain rescue were amazing. I have never been so happy to see anybody.”

They were fantastic with her children, Jake who was 12 at the time and Sam who was nine. Sam was particularly pleased to have been given the job of holding the flare to land the helicopter.

Trish, a nurse at Westmorland General Hospital, said that the medical care provided by the volunteers was also exemplary.

The image is from the Kendal Mountain Rescue Team’s Facebook page.

Sep 13, 2017