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Stricken boat fires flares to confirm position

Diana pic

A stricken boat in New Zealand fired flares to confirm its position to a fishing boat that came to its rescue.

St Helens Marine Rescue received a Mayday call through a radio operator one day in January from a vessel with three people on board that was taking on water off the East Coast of Tasmania.

A call was put out to all vessels North East of Binalong Bay and Mures Seafood’s fishing vessel Diana responded immediately.

It was determined the stricken vessel was 13 nautical miles North East of the St Helens Bar. Diana asked for a flare to be fired to confirm the correct boat and saw orange smoke confirming the location. Skipper Russell Potter took the Diana alongside the boat and its crew quickly rescued the men and ensured their health and well-being. They then waited until the vessel sank. It later turned out the men had given the wrong co-ordinates due to an electrical fault.

In the meantime, rescue vessel Georges Bay was dispatched, with skipper Rodney and crewmen Ken and John, to meet with Diana in Binalong Bay. From there the survivors were returned unharmed back to St Helens.

Throughout the ordeal, radio operator Tony maintained communications between the rescuing vessel Diana, the Police and the rescue vessel. The excellence of Diana's response under the command of Skipper Russell and radio operator Tony maintained an outstanding survival outcome, says St Helens Marine Rescue.

The image is courtesy of the Mures Seafood’s Facebook page.

Jan 23, 2018